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Ex workers of the Central American and Caribbean games protested again to demand their payments

- They announced the promotion of a collective suit, as well as the protests in different parts of the state
- Meanwhile, the company “Genera Producciones” said that the state government has not covered their services

Juan Luis Cornejo 12/01/2015

Around two hundred collaborators that participated in different aspects of the organization of the Central American and Caribbean games, Veracruz 2014, protested this Monday because they haven’t received the payment for their services since November.
They announced the promotion of a collective suit as well as the protests in different parts of the state.
The company “Genera Producciones”, which was the one that hired them and will take part on the 2015 Veracruz carnival, as well as the 2015 “Cumbre Tajin”, hasn’t paid them. The owner of this company, Gustavo Ruiz, has said that the government is the one that hasn’t paid them for the services.

“We went through hunger, sleeplessness, sicknesses, but we never lost our mood, because the idea was to put the name of Veracruz and Mexico on the top, and we did it, but until today we have not received our payments,” they said.
This group of ex workers, announced the integration of a Committee  to protect every single collaborator of the Veracruz’s Central American and Caribbean Games. They admitted that they ignore the total amount of the debt, but for now, they want  the president of the ODECABE, Hector Cardona, to have the knowledge of the situation.
They also said that a lot of the ex workers were told that they would receive their payments since the first half of November, other on November 28th and also on December 1st, but until now, they have not received a single payment.
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