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The 2015 budget will be austere due to the petroleum price fall

- Each barrel is below 80 dollars, said the Member of Parliament Fernando Charleston

- 52 billion pesos will be reassigned towards health, infrastructure and education

Juan Luis Cornejo 13/11/2014

Member of Parliament, Fernando Charleston, confirmed that “around 52 billion pesos will be reassigned due to the petroleum price fall, which is now below 80 dollars a barrel; and this represents an austerity budget for next year, but the existent priorities have to be reassigned for the sector with most social lack like health, infrastructure and education.”

“We will meet with the Budget Commission this Thursday morning, will then go to the plenary session in the afternoon, but discussion will be long for the budget approval, we might finish on Friday morning,” Charleston said.

After being questioned regarding the low petroleum prices and the impact on gas prices for next year, he answered that if the petroleum price keeps going down, some steps should be done, but the collection keeps increasing and we can get bigger incomes to sectors that need it.

“A lot has been said and we have had a consensus with political forces so health, education and infrastructure, specially for states like Veracruz.”

He recalled that for Veracruz there was already an established budget, and like the State Secretary of Finances Mauricio Audirac already said, the offer will be around 102 billion pesos.

In the other hand, regarding the subject of just having one increased in gas prices during one-year period, he said that this will happen starting in 2015, which represents one of the President Enrique Peña Nieto commitments.

“It talks about the commitments the president has, as well as the commitments of all the Members of the Parliament, ending gas prices increases, we would wanted it to be earlier, that is clear because here we all use vehicles.”

He added that we should take into account the adjustments of petroleum international prices, which are suppose to go up by three percent.