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The big challenge for the public media is the adaptation to the new times and technologies

- This is also an unprecedented opportunity to get into another level of usefulness and public service: Octavio Pavon 
- During his speech to celebrate the 35 years of RTV he presented a type of report of what was done during his term

Juan Luis Cornejo 09/01/2015

Juan Octavio Pavon Gonzalez, new social communication coordinator, said that in the present, the public media faces the challenge of adapting to the new times, information technologies, the digitalization of communication, convergence and the interaction with the audience.
“This is a big challenge, but also an unprecedented opportunity to take the public media into another level of usefulness and public service,” Pavon Gonzalez said.
During his speech to celebrate the 35 years of “Radio Television de Veracruz” (RTV), the ex director of this institution presented a type of report of what was done during his term.

Pavon Gonzalez said that during the last four years, the Radio section of RTV was rejuvenated in order to get to the highest population group in the state: the young generation.
In addition, the station was prepared to produce its content digitally, highlighting the incorporation of the first digital radio transmitter, that will start working in the next days.
Regarding television, alliances were done in order to air the programs out of the country. 40 hours of local television are broadcasted in the United States and Canada, as well as the sharing of the festivities and traditions with 23 TV networks from other states and countries in North, Central and South America.

The specialized production was created as well for children’s shows, and also propelled the amateur, semiprofessional and professional sports.

“We were watched where nobody thought we could be watched,” said Pavon Gonzalez, explaining that during the Central American and Caribbean Games they broadcasted more than 400 uninterrupted hours for the 17 days of the event, as well as airing the 2015 Pasadena’s Rose Parade on January 1st.
During these four years, the music’s hallmark was created, producing 7 records in the new “G Studio”, a place for musicians of Veracruz to have an expression format for all the different genres.

He assured that the transmission became more inclusive, consolidating a delegation in Veracruz Port, Coatzacoalcos and the South of the state.
Pavon Gonzalez highlighted that they moved towards the terrestrial and digital television, which was one of the biggest challenges, and now RTV covers 60 percent of the broadcasted radio on high definition in the state. In addition, the analogical coverage went back to having the 100 percent of the state territory, as well as the coverage of radio, which recover the total of its transmission capacity, transmitting in 17 states of the country.

“The new mobile unit of high definition, the most modern and equipped one in Mexico, will allow the production of the best programs of entertainment, art, culture, and information,” he said.
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