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Abuse victims ask for help and legal advice through social media: Jorge Torroella

- The fan page on Facebook called “online volunteers” receives more than 70 thousand visits daily and 70% of them from Veracruz

- After a 18 months of working in this platform, they have helped more than 150 cases of different types.

Juan Luis Cornejo 24/07/2014

The director of the Mexican Social Media Union, Jorge Torroella Torres, said that their Facebook fan page “online volunteers”, they have received different messages from women asking for legal advice after suffering from some type of abuse.

This social media page gets more than 70 thousand daily visits and 7o percent of them come from Veracruz, highlighting the importance of taking the issue of women violence in the state seriously.

“A lot of girls approach us regarding abuse or violence. In some way we send them to the right places and to the right legal assistance so they could move forward with their complaints.”

He said that in any of the cases they charge for their advice, which has increased the petitions from the users.

He pointed out that after 18 months of working in social media, they have advised and helped more than 150 different cases, establishing a direct communication with the State Commission of Human Rights (CEDH in Spanish) and working hand in hand with this dependency.

“We work hand in hand with the CEDH, and it is important that through the audience that we have, we promote what they are working on so people could know their rights and the actions that are being done for the community protection, we take advantage of Facebook to introduce them to this kind of information.”

Torroella Torres said that those that would like to get involve with this nonprofit organization, can contact them through their fan page without the need of economic contribution.