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Dad donated his son’s organs to save the lives of 8 Veracruz’s natives

- He felt from the train known as “Sand Worm” and suffered a skull fracture

- The 13-year-old was declared brain dead this Thursday night

- He got in the train with his 17-year-old friend “to experience the adventure”

Juan Luis Cornejo 20/06/2014

On Monday June 17th, the destiny of 13-year-old Abel Pablo González was already written. His life was coming to and end; however, this Thursday, his father Pablo Pablo Dionisio decided to turn his dead into a lifesaving opportunity, by donating Abel’s organs to other people.

Abel, a native from Temaxcal, Oaxaca, was declared brain dead this Thursday night, but his father, clunged to the idea of prolonging his son’s life, decided to donate his organs.

The staff of the National System of the Family Integral Development (DIF in Spanish) in Córdoba, made all the necessary process in order to transfer the little hero to the Regional Hospital of Veracruz, where all the transplantations are going to be done to the people that were selected previously.

This is the first time that the Cordoban DIF gets the authorization from a parent to donate all the functional organs from his son.

Last Monday, Abel Pablo was traveling in one of the migrants’ train known as “Sand Worm”, felt down from it, suffered a skull fracture, and was later declared brain dead on Thursday.

This Thursday night, Pablo Pablo Dionisio arrived to the facilities of the General Hospital in Córdoba, to discover his son’s real situation, and after the medical report, he analyzed it for a few hours before taking his decision.

Around 11 p.m. this Thursday, the child was taken on an ambulance to the Regional Hospital of Veracruz where he was stabilized to start with the organs’ extraction this Friday morning.

At the same time, the Cordoban DIF staff took the father and sister of the donor to Veracruz Port to say good bye to Abel Pablo, who will live from now on in the bodies of other people that was benefit from his organs.